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For all media or weird fans who would stalk Matt please contact Matt Barber at 803-873-6759 via phone or text.  You can also email dixiefriedsports@gmail.com or follow on twitter @dixiefriedsport

Matt Barber is a native of White Rock, South Carolina and graduated from Chapin High School back before a bunch of people from Ohio decided this was a great place to live.  While at Chapin Matt was a mediocre offensive lineman for the Chapin Eagles, but found someway to earn 6 athletic letters in football and track & field. 

Despite his mediocre success in sports & probably in the classroom too, Matt was able to find his way to go to the elite academic institution of Newberry College.  While at Newberry Matt woke up one day and found himself a member of Theta Chi Fraternity and somehow graduated with a degree in Business Administration and had a minor in History.

Since 2005 Matt has been the play by play voice of the Chapin Eagles.  Along with his broadcast partner Justin Cannon, the two have produced and broadcasted well over 100 high school football games on the radio, internet, and on TV.  The two have worked together to not only do Chapin games, but also have worked high school football championship games on Time Warner Cable at Williams Brice Stadium, Clemson's Memorial Stadium, Oliver C. Dawons Stadium, and Spirit Communications Park.   Matt has also done play by play for the Weekend of Champions in Basketball at The Colonial Life Arena. 

There was a time that Matt was the most on air sports personality in The Palmetto State.  For 5 hours a day and 5 hours a week Matt worked as host of two shows on the strongest sports signal in the State Am 560 the Team.   From 10-1 Matt worked with former Gamecock Carey Rich as cohosts of the "Locker Room".  Then from 1-3 Matt produced and hosted a show with Justin Cannon named "The Barbershop"

After Iheart Radio decided Columbia didn't need a second strong signaled station Matt was told by LJ Smith & Company on Greystone Blvd that he no longer had a job in radio.  Within 3 weeks he was on 3 stations in Columbia hosting "Instant Replay".  This show will forever be remember by its 5 total callers in 6 months of air. 

Matt also did some cohosting on 5 different stations in Arkansas for some unknown reason and has appeared on markets all throughout the southeast because of his amazing hairstyle.   107.5 the Game had him in studio a few times, but when he spoke of how great a BBQ joint in Alabama was, Hudson's BBQ(a 107.5 sponsor) got angry and Matt wasn't invited back.  Now he pretty much mocks the station and is hated for it.  Or maybe he's loved because of it.  Or maybe people or too stupid to realize he does it.  Anyway, this is about as important as listing Matt's odd fascination with professional wrestling. 

If you are still reading this I'm not really sure why, but we will continue to let you known more about Matt.  Matt is a certified personal trainer, runs a fitness facility in town, and also is a liscensed insurance producer.  Odd combo, but this is an odd fella. 

Matt hates golf and doesn't care about your golf game.  He lives in the woods 2 fields away from the father of the guy who won the 2017 Heritage in Hilton Head.  Golf balls end up on Matt's property and he throws them in his pond for fun.  Still, he loves being back in White Rock, South Carolina despite the fact that this is really Columbus, Ohio South.

At this point I'm really questioning why you are reading this.  Hmmmm.... Maybe you need to know why Matt is a Gamecock.  Well.... ok

Matt was born in 1978 at a time when Gamecock sports was Independent(kind of like Matt).  Being a 9th generation South Carolinian Matt had to pick either Carolina or Clemson because that's what all good Sandlappers do.  Matt picked Carolina.   It probably has to do with the fact his grandmother and grandfather lived seconds from Williams Brice Stadium in the beautiful community of Olympia.  In fact, his grandmother was a Jaco.  If the name Jaco doesn't sound familiar then you aren't really a Gamecock and should go donate to IPTAY.  Jaco's Corner is the oldest bar in South Carolina and at some point in your life you made a mistake there you regret or got in a fight, or maybe both.

Matt was 6 when the Navy game in 84 happened and was more interested in watching Flair, Tully, Arn, and guys from North Carolina pretend they are Russian.  He did cry during a 34-0 loss to Georgia Tech in 1988 and has seen countless games where the Gamecocks have choked.  He had to work after the Coppin State loss at Food Lion while a senior in High School and basically locked himself in the produce freezer for 8 hours.  He knows your pain Gamecocks. 

From the Wake Forest game in 1987 until the Mississippi State game in 1999 Matt didn't miss any Carolina football game.  The team was so terrible in 99 he broke that streak to go on a date with a girl who didn't like football.  They never went on another date.  He was on the field when the goalposts fell against New Mexico State and was also on top of a goalpost and nearly died as 15 guys from his alma mater tore down goalposts at Newberry College.

Anyway, that's Matt.  Congratulations for reading and in all seriousness, we do thank you for being a part of the worst Gamecock website known to man.  Go to Gamecock Central, The Big Spur, or somewhere else if you want real news.